Office in the Grove is a 44-year old office building located on South Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove. Recently, an outside group filed an application with the City of Miami to preserve the building, despite the fact that it is not architecturally significant, has never played a significant role in Coconut Grove’s history, and does not meet the City’s 50-year threshold for historic designation.

The architect has designed notable works in Miami including the Holocaust Memorial and the Mayfair Hotel and Shops (neither has been historically designated), but Office in the Grove does not rise to the level of those projects in terms of architectural significance.

Furthermore, the building’s two longtime tenants are making plans to vacate and find new office spaces. With a small lobby and low ceilings, Office in the Grove no longer meets their business’ needs. It also lacks sufficient onsite parking for employees (some employees have to bussed into the office daily from offsite parking).

Historic designation is appropriate and extremely important when merited, but Office in the Grove does not make the grade. In fact, the following respected preservation professionals/groups have concluded that Office in the Grove fails to meet the City of Miami’s historic preservation criteria and does not merit historic designation:

·       Warren Adams, City of Miami Preservation Officer

·       Megan Schmitt, former City of Miami Preservation Officer

·       Richard Heisenbottle, preservation architect

·       Dade Heritage Trust

If the City designates a property that does not meet preservation criteria, it not only damages the credibility of the system by which buildings are designated but also degrades the many truly exceptional and historic buildings in our community.

If you agree with these noted preservation professionals/groups that Office in the Grove does not merit historic designation, please sign the petition below.


Sign the Petition

I/we the undersigned hereby express my/our opposition to the historic designation of the Office in the Grove building at 2699 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, Florida. Historic designation should be reserved for buildings that are the best examples of a particular architectural style or period in history, or buildings that are associated with important events or persons in our community. It should also be limited to buildings that meet the City of Miami’s preservation criteria. Office in the Grove fails to meet all of these important standards and the City’s own preservation officer has rendered a clear opinion that it does not merit historic designation. Designating this building as a historic resource would set a bad precedent for our community and will negatively impact the incredibly important role of historic preservation.

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